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on-site seminar Fournier Frederique

TWINN2SET: on-site seminar by Director of Georesources and Energy/IFP, Fournier Frederique

The first part of the on-site seminars regarding the European Project, Twinning to Sustainable Energy Transition (TWINN2SET) took place by IFP School of IFPEN Energies Nouvelles on 06-11/03/2023 in Chania by the Director of the Georesources and Energy Center at IFP School, Fournier Frederique.

Τhe workshop focused on data from Utsira reservoir, at Sleipner Area, North Sea. The main Software used was EasyTrace and the seminars were conducted in three parts: (i) petrophysical parameters (porosity and permeability, etc), (ii) well log petrophysical interpretation (GR, Neutron, Density, Sonic etc), (iii) electrofacies analysis. The construction of well logs, calculation of shale volume (VSH) and porosity were made. The indentification of porosity by sonic and density logs and the comparison from cross-plots and histograms were also applied. The above were essential for the electrofacies analysis using probabilities (Bayes equation) something very important in order to establish the different geological formations of the case studied.