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Reservoir Monitoring Test

TWINN2SET Massive Online Courses (MOOCs): Reservoir Monitoring

The 11th and final week of the Massive Online Courses (MOOCs) regarding the European Project, Twinning to Sustainable Energy Transition (TWINN2SET) took place by IFP School of IFPEN phisically on 19/06-21/06 and with on-site sessions at the premises of IG/FORTH in Chania, on 22/06-23/06 by the Assistant Professor in Geophysics Mathilde Adelinet.


The educational program was dedicated to ‘’Reservoir Monitoring’’ and the courses were conducted in two parts, (i) theory and (ii) exercise. 

The main aspects of this week were the following:

  • Build a synthetic seismogram from a wavelet and density/velocity data 
  • Determine the vertical and lateral resolutions of reflectors
  • Recognize some interference phenomena associated with thin layers and relate them to amplitude variations along a reflector

Finally, the main Software used was EasyTrace and two case-studies were analyzed:

  • 4D-Feasibility study: fluid substitution effect Sleipner CO2 storage case
  • 4D-Feasibility study: fluid substitution effect Illinois Basin Decatur Project