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Figure 1 EU TWINN2SET researchers at IFPEN premises in France

TWINN2SET: The Second Project Meeting at  IFPEN premises in France


The 2nd Project Meeting of TWINN2SET took place on January 30th 2024 during the visit of IG/FORTH Researchers and ESRs (29.01-02.02.24) at the premises of IFPEN in France. During the first day a dinner between the partners was organized and on the second day the Project Meeting of TWINN2SET took place at IFPEN.  A detailed discussion regarding the progress of TWINN2SET engagements, the upcoming project review meeting, work package 2 ‘’Building research excellence of the IG/FORTH’’, work package 3 ‘’Virtual technical training, development of soft skills & visibility’’ and last but not least the research part of TWINN2SET was held.


Attached below is the project meeting agenda:

Figure 2 Project meeting agenda

Furthermore, on day 3 a workshop on Soft Skills ‘’European environmental funding programmes’’ by Tanja Ivanic-Responsible on strategic marketing and commercial management and Jean-Marc Zaccardi-Transport National Contact Point for Horizon Europe - Collaborative R&I projects with public funding.

Figure 3 Workshop on Soft Skills, 31.01.24

In the afternoon various visits at labs of IFPEN were organized as follows:

  • 13:15-14:00 Matthieu Mascle (Cal-X), Cal-X (high throughput experiment bench)
  • 14:00-14:45 Julia Guélard & Elodie Muller (Geochemistry),
  • 14:45- 15:30 Samir Bekri (Corefloods), 
  • 15:30-16:15 Nicolas Pannacci (Micromodels)



 On day 4 a field trip at the DMX CO2 capture unit in Dunkirk was organized. The 3D project is part of the Horizon 2020, the consortium consists of 11 European stakeholders and the project delve into CO2 capture technologies from industrial activities.